If general opinion and advice is anything to go by, whatever the era or policies in place, it’s never the right time to take on anything. You have to believe in your goals and defend them with passion against everything and everyone. This demands a focus so all-encompassing that you end up living and breathing your project. You also need a healthy dose of irreverence and optimism.

A splash of genius combined with a touch of madness, then? Franck Provost has never been intimidated by the idea of taking on new projects. Surrounded by passionate professionals, he opened his first salon in Saint-Germain-en-Laye in 1975, entering a succession of official styling competitions and winning the titles for best French Hairstylist in 1976 and best International Hairstylist in 1977. He then opened his second salon, a stone’s throw from the Champs Elysees, followed by another abroad. Taking his first steps into the world of studios, armed with a dedicated team, Franck Provost styled the brightest of stars at the Cannes Film Festival. His rise to success was immediate and dazzling.

Each of his collections is infused with a sense of sensuality and contemporary, confident femininity. Thanks to the ‘hands’ intelligence’ he passes on to his colleagues, he works cuts and textures to achieve natural perfection.

Women’s high standards lie at the heart of this visionary’s expertise, as he reinvents and challenges trends season after season, ensuring that hairdressing remains “the most beautiful craft in the world“.

la fois artiste du cheveu et homme d’affaire, Franck Provost a su rapidement s’affirmer comme une figure incontournable du secteur. Apprenti au Lude, puis a La Fleche, Franck Provost met le cap sur Paris et ouvre son premier salon a Saint Germain en Laye en 1975. Il participe a de nombreux concours et remporte le titre de Champion de France en 1976 puis de Champion du Monde en 1977.

The talent and passion of an extraordinary stylist

After completing his training in France, New York and London, Fabien Provost joined forces with his father around fifteen years ago. Today, the two stylists share and work alongside each other, driven forward by a mutual passion. Fabien is Franck Provost’s Artistic Director and stylist to a number of celebrities on a daily basis, or for film festivals such as Cannes, Cabourg, the Alpe d’Huez and Monte-Carlo, accompanying the stars on their travels around the globe. Fabien Provost turned his dream into the trade in which he excels thanks to his innovative approach.

Styles that combine intricacy with manageability

On a constant quest to track down the latest trends, his creativity knows no bounds as he hunts down the perfect cuts, colours and styles that combine intricacy with manageability for the pleasure of his clients. As well as his work on the collections and the Franck Provost brand’s expertise, he makes a point of remaining close to the salons in order to maintain his strong client relationships. These values have contributed to the Brand’s incredible image, a reputation that is perpetuated by Olivia, Fabien Provost’s sister, in her work as the group’s Head of Communications. An inspired and inspiring family, working for women who are flocking to Franck Provost salons in increasing numbers.